Singers: How to go from good to Great!


Apr 01

Go from good to great. 4 tips on becoming the best singer you can be! 

What makes a great singer? It’s a question that beginners and anyone interested in becoming a singer will ask themselves at some point. In vocal coaching sessions, you’ll often find a heavy emphasis placed on the technique, theory and psychology of singing, and for a good reason. All these elements play some role in performing the act, but it’s actually a mix of traits that make someone capable of singing in front of a crowd.

The Characteristics Great Singers Share

First and foremost, singers have confidence in their abilities. This isn’t the same thing as being fearless, mind you. Even talented performers still get pre-show butterflies from time to time. The best of the bunch, however, know how to control it and trust in their skills. This, of course, is born partly from training your skills. Working with a great voice teacher helps. You can also help enhance your confidence by developing a few pre-performance tricks, things such as breathing deeply, meditation and visualizing your perfect show.

Secondly, great singers have great ears and control over their breathing. These are two skills that are paramount when it comes to developing proper technique. Training your ear is necessary so that you can match the proper pitches while performing. Breathing is important so that you can hit notes easily and sing longer. If you have these two down, you have the foundation to build the other tools you’ll need to move ahead.

Successful singers know how to play to their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. Everyone has things they excel at and things they can improve on. For example, singers with strong Type A personalities have a drive for success and will sometimes effortlessly put in the many hours it takes to become better. On the flip side, they are also more likely to become tense and have a more difficult time relaxing, which can sometimes hamper their technique. Knowing where you’re strong and where you need to get better will take you far in the singing game.

Lastly, a great singer knows how to be coached. A singer who can’t take constructive criticism or advice from his instructor is one that has shut himself off from learning. If you don’t learn, you don’t grow, and your prospects of becoming a better singer diminish greatly.

Remember These Basics And Keep Striving For Success

It takes time to develop the rudiments, but once you have them, everything else becomes a little easier. Remember to keep seeking out information (through voice lessons and other means), keep your nose to the grindstone, and work hard to realize your goals.

About the Author

Working as a teacher, coach, director, and choreographer for over 25 years, Shaun Royer has worked with some of the biggest industry names and continues to mentor up and coming performers all over the world.

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