Seven Ways to Make Sure Your Stage Show Kicks A$$


Apr 01

There’s nothing more important than being a great performer. You can have the pipes and the right vocal tone and technique, but still have a boring or lackluster stage presence. If you have good stage presence that outshines vocal ability, the way you look or even your music as a whole.

For many professionals, stage presence just comes to them. Thankfully for many, it can also be taught. Understanding what your audience is looking for is the key to a kick a$$ stage performance. After you learn that, you must teach yourself to fully engage with them from the beginning of your performance.

True performers make use of every moment while they are on stage and push themselves. These are the types of shows and performances who leave their fans wanting more.

While there are many factors that contribute to being a great performer, here are some things to keep in mind that will help you to enhance your stage presence now!

When you’re performing, it’s not about you.

Performance is about the audience, point blank. It is about how you make them feel and if you can awaken something inside them that will relate to your performance. As a performer, it is your responsibility to give your audience that gift.

Give your audience what they want.

After you realize what your audience wants, you give it to them. It is that simple.

Step out of your comfort zone.

Good stage presence comes with confidence. This confidence comes from putting in the work needed to improve your singing voice and stage presence. With the help of a vocal coach and one-on-one coaching, that confidence can blossom. Recognize your strengths and continuously work on your weaknesses. A coach can track your progress and help you to continuously improve your performance and stage presence as a whole.

Discover what makes you unique.

Every performer has a certain je ne sais quoi, a certain something that makes them unique. Discover what yours is and use that to your advantage. Allow yourself to shine!

Take yourself seriously.

This means taking the adequate time needed to rehearse before each gig. Relaxation is also key, for the best performance and the best tone overall. Every show should be felt like it is an opportunity to develop a new fan base. Take advantage of every moment. Play every set as if it is your last. Also, don’t miss your sound check as this is an important time to work out the kinks before you go live.

Perfect a pre-show ritual.

This is important as it allows you to get into your zone. By getting focused, you can get into a place that allows you to give the best stage performance you’re capable of.

Critique yourself.

Record every performance and take time to watch it back with family and friends (even a vocal coach if you have one) to learn what you need to work on. A good stage performer is open to hearing feedback and to practicing weaknesses so that they continuously get better and perfect their craft.

I hope that you find these tips helpful when you’re looking to take your stage show to the next level. Keep in mind that in anything in life, practice does make perfect. If you commit to your art, you will succeed. Good luck!

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Working as a teacher, coach, director, and choreographer for over 25 years, Shaun Royer has worked with some of the biggest industry names and continues to mentor up and coming performers all over the world.

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