Aliyah Moulden: Youngest NBC's The Voice Finalist.

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Private Voice Lessons: Our vocal instructors are all certified by Shaun Royer to teach the Signature Sound Method which is a method of instruction that Shaun has developed over the last 25 years of teaching. Our vocal curriculum is fitted to help target the following areas: expanding your range, using your diaphragm properly, riffs and runs, vocal colors and vocal tricks.  We tailor our curriculum to your needs, your goals and your brand. 

Private Guitar Lessons: Not just your usual guitar lessons.  These lessons are for singers who are interested in writing music and/or playing on stage. So not only do you learn the regular stuff like chords, fingerpicking and strumming but you learn how to play popular songs from your very first lesson. But that’s not all? You will learn how to play with style and engage the audience.  

Private Keyboard Instruction: We teach contemporary keyboard styles so you can quickly play your favorite songs. We can take someone with zero musical experience and transform you into a piano player lightning fast. As you learn songs we will also help you learn how to play and sing at the same time to enhance your performances.  

Songwriting: Writing your own songs is one of the best ways to make money as  a musician. Songs are one of the few ways a musician can make money! Not only can you perform and record them, you can also license them to TV shows, commercials, video game, and movies. In our songwriting lessons, you can learn how to write songs, lyrics and even how to produce them in Pro Tools or Logic.  

New online Vocal Class starting, June 2018