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Apr 01

How To Get Your Music to Rock on Spotify


Get Your Music to Rock on Spotify 

C’mon we all know how hard it can be to get the word out about your music. Some artists remain “underground” for countless years because they are one of those “best kept secrets” persay. However, learning how to successfully share your music with the masses is important and Spotify is one great option for you. The app itself believes in having music from independent artists on their platform and makes it easy for you to get your content uploaded. You do not have to be signed or have any type of record deal in order to get your music on Spotify.

Here’s how to achieve this with ease.

Using a Label or Aggregator 

For those who aren’t working with a label, you must use one of these companies in order to deliver your music to Spotify and most importantly collect your royalties. Some options include (and are not limited to): CD Baby, EMU Bands, Record Union, AWAL, Spinnup, and Tunecore. They are responsible for handling both the licensing and distribution of your music as well as administer your compensation when fans stream your music. They usually take a small percentage and/or fee for these services.

Costs of Using Labels/Aggregators 

CD Baby charges $12.95 per single or $49 per album. The pro option includes song registration with global collection agencies and global publishing royalty collection and is offered for $39 per single or $99 per album. They also keep 9% of all digital music sales, but there are no annual fees.

Record Union charges $7 per single, $10 per EP or $1


3 per album for one year of distribution. They work directly with Sony Music, which is a perk. TuneCore distributes a single for $9.99 a year or an album for $29.99 for the first year ($49.99 per year after that). Artists keep 100% of their revenue.

Lastly, EMU Bands charges $42.50 per single, $59.95 per EP or $84.95 per album. There are no yearly fees and artists keep 100% of their royalties so the somewhat steep initial costs may be worth it in the long run.

FYI: Generally, it takes about four to six weeks for the upload queue to get the music fully on Spotify, so the sooner you get started, the better.

Understanding How Plays Work 

Once the label/aggregator delivers the music to Spotify, they can track its performance on a dashboard known as Spotify Fan Insights. Here you will see what tracks are performing the best. You can use this specific data to run certain promotional campaigns across your Social Media platforms, to pick new singles and to route your next tour. Spotify also is always constantly adding more artist tools to its platform. Requesting access to this is easy, but does take several weeks for the request to be approved.

Getting Verified on Spotify 

This means that your page becomes official. A blue tick will appear next to your name similar to official social media accounts such as Twitter or Instagram. Each time that you release new music or announce a concert, your followers will receive instant notifications. Ultimately, this gives you some credibility.

Getting Your Tracks on Spotify Playlists 

Pitching your music can be as easy as finding out who curates those lists and reaching out to them directly. Some playlists are even created by Spotify, so you will need to contact them through the Artist Liaison contact information. Keep your email brief with links to your music that would fit that playlist. Make it short and sweet.

Ultimately, Spotify remains a great way to promote your music and to increase your audience. By getting your music on this platform, you allow yourself the opportunity to be heard that much more.

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Apr 01

My Students are Killing it on Musical.ly 3 million followers or more.


Musical.ly, An App Geared for Singers to Promote the Music 

Perfect for today’s youth who is obsessed with all things social media. If you’re over 30 and/or don’t have kids, you probably have never heard of this app, but it has been one of the hottest apps for Millennial and post-Millennials alike. And here’s why.

About the App 

This video social network app allows users to message, live broadcast and create videos. First released in April 2014, the app can be used on iOS, Android, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Through this helpful promotional tool, users can create 15-second videos and choose soundtracks to accompany them. They also can change the speed to slow, fast, epic or anything in between and add other effects. Musical.ly also allows users to browse “musers” content, hashtags, sounds and trending songs.

The app has seen steady growth and has been at the number 1 position in the iOS app store many times. Brands such as Coca-Cola use musical.ly too. They launched their #shareacoke campaign on the app, which introduced a new user-generated ad model to the app itself.

What makes it so great? 

Users can record 15-second videos in one or many shots. Once they are done recording, it can be paired with different songs and/or sounds. Users can also edit with 12 different filters and other effects Users also can create shorter videos known as live moments which allows photographs to be shown with music in the background.

Also, users can reuse sounds created by other musical.ly users which allows for a different type of engagement altogether. Users can also interact with each other with the Duet or Ask a Question feature. The Best Fan Forever feature allows musers to select different followers who can always duet with them in the future. Private messaging is also available.

Categories on Musical.ly 

Some of the most popular categories include: lip-sync classic, muser voice, dance, rap, comedy, instrumental, j-pop, rock, peaceful and much much more.

Active users with high rates of popularity are given crowns by the app. Many of my students such Kristen Hancher, Hali’a Beamer, Raegan Beast, and Piper Smith all have received that accolade with over 5 million followers. Artists such as Andra Day, Shakira, Daddy Yankee, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato all have used the app to promote their newest singles too.

If professional artists are using this promotional tool, then why aren’t you? Musical.ly allows us to do things we all love to do: create, play and show off who we are as an individual. The app allows new conversations to have in a creative realm. Talk about interesting and inspiring!

Not only is it a powerful outlet to showcase your talent, but it is another way to get your voice heard. Brands use the app in unique ways and this could lead to opportunities for talented artists and/or bands in the future too. Musical.ly allows aspiring artists to rub elbows per say with others hoping to achieve their dreams too. If anything, it is a great place to share ideas and music together!

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