Apr 01

How much can you make in Hollywood?

Acting Business , Music Business

How much can you make in Hollywood? Hollywood Salaries So you wanna get into showbiz to make the big bucks? Here’s how the money in Hollywood breaks down. FILM STAR – $60K – $75M A FILM How bad is the decline in actor salaries over the past decade? A Lot. Most “Big Name Actors” are […]

Apr 01

Singers: How to go from good to Great!

Music , Singing

Go from good to great. 4 tips on becoming the best singer you can be!  What makes a great singer? It’s a question that beginners and anyone interested in becoming a singer will ask themselves at some point. In vocal coaching sessions, you’ll often find a heavy emphasis placed on the technique, theory and psychology […]

Apr 01

How To Get Your Music to Rock on Spotify


Get Your Music to Rock on Spotify  C’mon we all know how hard it can be to get the word out about your music. Some artists remain “underground” for countless years because they are one of those “best kept secrets” persay. However, learning how to successfully share your music with the masses is important and […]

Apr 01

Guitars on a Plane

Music Business

I’m working on my own performance (coming sometime soon), so I decided to take my guitar with me to a work convention. At this convention, there’s always a party where the participants have some fun and do a bit of karaoke, after a few drinks. I decided to take my guitar with me and perform […]

Apr 01

Seven Ways to Make Sure Your Stage Show Kicks A$$


There’s nothing more important than being a great performer. You can have the pipes and the right vocal tone and technique, but still have a boring or lackluster stage presence. If you have good stage presence that outshines vocal ability, the way you look or even your music as a whole. For many professionals, stage […]