• You see yourself on the big stage.
  • Your voice is in the best shape of your life, and you’re performing for thousands of your fans.
  • You've written, and recorded songs you love and they’re playing on the radio.
  • Your dreams have come true. You're living the life you’ve always wanted and following your calling. You know you are meant for something big.

After 20 years of helping hundreds of young artists achieve their dreams, 

I know how to get you there!

Your dream is to sing, become a star, and do whatever it takes to get there.

You've spent years holding on to this vision. There’s nothing you’d rather do, but you don’t know how to get there or what steps to take.

You know time is limited, you want it now and not using your talents and gifts will not propel you to success.

The truth is your gifts are meant to be shared and bring happiness and your message to people all over the world.

If you're just starting out, or starting over, and wondering if it’s possible... 

we’ve got your back.

Our Artist Development Program is...

A one-of-a-kind mentorship for singers with big dreams and no time to waste. During this 90-day mentorship program, you'll learn how to activate your star power so you can confidently break into the industry! Similar to a record deal, we will provide you a comprehensive suite of artist development training, where you will get a massive vocal upgrade, dive deep into your artistry and create your superstar sound and brand. Learn how to write songs, play piano or guitar, and record --so that people will take notice as you make an impact with your voice and your story!

Here's What's Included In Your 90-Day Program

Winner of the Pop Game
Ian Grey: Winner of "The Pop Game" on Lifetime

•    Ten weekly 3-hour sessions, so you get the full array of training used by record labels to create a fulfilling and successful career! In Session One you will receive vocal coaching, artist development, branding from Roxie. In the second session, we will focus on songwriting, piano or guitar, and production technique.

•    Two recordings and one music video produced edited and mastered.  We will teach you how to get them on streaming services, download services and the correct way to post on Social Media sites for the best impact.

•    Our Rockstar Artist In You packet to get clear on the singing and artistic goals you'd like to achieve during your artistic development sessions. It will give you insight on how the stars got to where they were and how you can use their process to success to ensure yours! 

 •    Artist resources, reading materials and assignments so you can get into peak performance shape with a variety of industry standard vocal techniques, ear training, and songwriting assignments! You will also receive branding and career strategies to build your fanbase and stand out from the crowd as an influental, independent artist who is expanding your brand, message, and visibility.

 •    Caring accountability and email support with weekly check-ins to give your dream the feedback, & support it deserves! Plus direct access your team if you need it.

For more information on our Artist Development Program, please sign up here. To expedite the process, you can send any links of your music or performances to talent@soundcheckartists.com